Another Course to College (ACC) is a college preparatory high school in the Boston Public Schools, serving students from diverse backgrounds and neighborhoods. It is dedicated to providing rigorous academics for students in a supportive environment. ACC fosters intellectual curiosity and prepares its students for college-level analytical reading and writing across the curriculum.


The key elements of our vision statement can be summarized as follows:

  1. Provide a curriculum that is at least as rigorous as any of Boston’s best exam schools.

  2. Offer enrollment to any Boston student who is willing to make the commitment to

  3. Accept the challenge of this rigorous academic experience.

  4. Do whatever is necessary to help students meet this challenge.

Acceptance to college is a graduation requirement at ACC. Students do not need to attend college immediately after graduation but they must be accepted, and can defer their acceptance if they wish. It is the ACC staff’s responsibility to guide students through the college application process.