The headmaster is the only administrator at ACC and we do not have official teacher leaders or department chairs. Instead, every teacher at ACC is on the instructional leadership team and has significant decision making authority around curriculum, schedule, student assessment, professional development and staffing. Most decisions are made by consensus or majority rule. The Student Support Team supports positive behavior interventions and supports, as well as with restorative justice, and day-to-day operations.

Governing Board

Another Course to College strongly believes in the importance of a shared leadership structure. We are governed by a board comprised of the headmaster, equally represented faculty and parent members, and community and student representatives. The governing board is charged with the responsibility of keeping the ACC vision and mission at the forefront of every decision.

For more information about becoming involved with the ACC Governing Board, please contact the current headmaster or governing board chair.

Michele Pellam   Headmaster

Michele Pellam