ACC students share sports teams with Brighton High School. Through this partnership, ACC students may play for the following teams:

Fall Sports

Winter Sports

Spring Sports

*Shared Team with Other BPS Schools


Boston Scholar Athletes Program

The Another Course to College (ACC) Zone, sponsored by the Boston Scholar Athletes program (BSA), provides academic support to all current & potential scholar-athletes. With a combination of 1-on-1 tutoring and group study sessions, the ACC Zone ensures that the high expectations that our scholar-athletes have for themselves on the field are realized in the classroom as well. All students must meet or exceed academic benchmarks to maintain eligibility to wear a Bengal uniform!

The ACC Zon eis one of nineteen school-based learning centers in nineteen Boston Public High Schools that are managed and financed by Boston Scholar Athletes. Zones offer free academic resources to current and prospective scholar-athletes in and out of season. The BSA encourages scholar-athletes to challenge themselves in the classroom, maintain academic eligibility, and improve their GPA’s in the supportive environment of theACC Zone.

Zone resources include laptops, e-books, school supplies, flash-drives, graphing calculators, printers, and text books. Other service-learning and program offerings include community service opportunities, specialized tutoring, SAT preparation and scholarship opportunities. Most importantly, the BSA has full-time staff members that manage all 19 schools throughout the school year. Please contact Kerny Browne for more information on the ACC Zone today

BSA Zone Coordinator:  Kerny Browne

20 Warren Street, Boston, MA 02135   •   Tel: (617) 635-8865   •   Fax: (617) 635-8866