The ACC Governing Board

Pilot schools have the freedom to create their own governance structure that has increased decision making powers over budget approval, principal selection and hiring, and programs and policies, while being mindful of state requirements on school councils.  Parents interested in becoming a member of the Governing Board should contact the current headmaster for more information.


  • Headmaster
  • Student (2)
  • Parents (6)
  • Faculty (6)
  • Community Representatives (4)


The Governing Board is called upon to provide input and decision-making regarding the following issues/tasks:

  • Educational needs of students
  • Annual budget
  • Hiring
  • School improvement plan


Monthly meetings are scheduled at the onset of each school year.



20 Warren Street, Boston, MA 02135   •   Tel: (617) 635-8865   •   Fax: (617) 635-8866