Art is a graduation requirement at ACC. Visual Art explorations will introduce 9th grade students to a wide variety of visual artistic expression including pencil, watercolors, collage, portrait drawing, etc.

Faculty: Hilary Crane-Stern (


While all students will be required to meet the 4-year English requirement, students will be carefully taught how to go beyond writing reports and learn how to write college-level analytical papers as well as read and analyze a variety of genres. An analytical writing class is required for grades 10-12 to help students transition to the intensive writing requirements at ACC. We have additionally partnered with the University of Massachusetts Boston to create a Writing Center at ACC, where all students and classes may access additional writing support and tutoring.



The humanities focus at ACC will allow students to gain a well-rounded understanding of history and to also sharpen their skills as writers. Students will learn how to write research based analytical papers in all history courses. ACC requires four years of history for all students. ACC offers US History I and US History II at the 9th and 10th grade level respectively,and World History in the 11th grade. Seniors select two electives from a variety of topics: Law and Justice, Social Justice, and Facing History and Ourselves.



ACC offer a variety of college prep math courses including Algebra I, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Precalculus, and Calculus. The goal of the mathematics program is to prepare as many students as possible for Calculus. In order to move students from Advanced Algebra in their junior year to Calculus in their senior year, ACC collaborates with Northeastern University for a summer precalculus program.


Physical Education


ACC offers a variety of college prep science courses including Active Physics, Biology, Behavioral Science, Chemistry, and Advanced Physics. We additionally offer an Advanced Placement science course in Psychology. The scientific method will be introduced in the 9th grade curriculum. In addition to learning the content of the different scienes, students practice scientific inquiry, independent research, and problem-solving skills necessary for success in college and technical career fields, as well as for being scientifically literate citizens.

Faculty: Michael Couture, Jeanette Eisenberg, Johanna Waldman

Course Syllabi: Ms. Waldman’s Biology, Behavioral Science and AP Psychology, Ms. Eisenberg’s Chemistry, Mr. Couture’s Physics 1 and Advanced/AP Physics


Modern Foreign Languages

ACC offers Spanish I & II to our sophomores and juniors with adjusted instruction for native Spanish speakers. Students learn how to communicate correctly and fluently in Spanish while improving their first language skills. They become more aware of the world around them and learn to understand, respect, and appreciate other cultures, both our international counterparts and our next-door neighbors. Authentic materials are used in order to gain more exposure to the language in its most natural form and setting.

Faculty: Mayra Figueroa

Course Syllabi: Ms. Figueroa’s Spanish I, Ms. Figueroa’s Spanish II


ACC will integrate teaching technology throughout the curriculum with the primary focus in the analytical writing classes. Students will be expected to learn many applications of technology and to demonstrate their knowledge through various course assignments. Upon graduation, ACC students will have a thorough knowledge of word-processing, data base applications, Internet research, and using technology as a tool for presenting information and reports.



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