Senior Class trip to the MFA

Posted by COUNSELOR on May 12, 2016 at 8:37am EST

Mr. Comeau and several staff members brought the senior class to the Museum of Fine Arts on Wed., April 13, where students analyzed the urban environment, the landscape architecture of the Fens, neoclassical design of the MFA building, and the art and culture of Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Americas. Students wrote analysis through a postcolonial lens, looking at empire, race, power, gender, rebellion and resistance. They did close readings of visual form throughout the trip.


Mr. Comeau sends his deep thanks to Ms. Rainey, who cooked an amazing breakfast for the whole class and then chaperoned, our headmaster, Ms. Pellam, for bringing donuts and chaperoning, and Ms. Crane-Stern, our art teacher, who spent her day off leading a group of students through the Americas wing. Mr. McClelland, the grade 12 student teacher from Harvard University, lead his group through the Egyptian collections, and designed the guide for the Americas. Thanks also to Chris and Sara, our UMass Boston Writing Tutors for chaperoning!

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